Friday, March 23, 2012

Great Lake Survival Opening Post

This blog will attempt to broaden the scope of “Survival” discussions on three important levels that affect Americans today.  The idea is to look at the many applications of “Survival” as it relates to the individual person, the family unit and to our freedoms as Americans. 

Perhaps most “survival discussions” around the water cooler are about Boy Scout techniques in case one is lost hiking in the woods or caught a post apocalyptic world that is chalked full of “zombies”.

However, the word survival is broadly defined by Merriam-Webster as: “the continuation of life or existence”. 

The continuation of life and existence is not only an important topic, but should not be left just to the wilderness, (although wilderness survival will be talked about here).  There are too many scenarios to list, but one can easily think of reasons that they could be displaced and lost, without shelter in urban or rural settings.  A broader look on “survival” might better prepare the family unit to take on a bad situation and turn it around.

The third concept that this blog will discuss is the importance of protecting our freedoms as Americans, which are outlined in the Bill of Rights.  In today’s world, the survival of our freedom is not guaranteed.  Everyday it seems as though new legislation is introduced that is “good for Americans”, yet steps on another part of the U.S. Constitution and destroys freedoms.  We aim to explore those legislation issues and get the word out.

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- GLSC Team

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