Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Sugardine" Antiseptic

In the event that you cannot get antibiotics . . . you might consider having the items to make "Sugardine" on hand.  Read below, this excellent knowledge to have.

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"I'm sure you've heard of this--but on the off chance you haven't, you definitely need to: The miraculous wound-healing benefits of a goop made from sugar and betadine (povidone iodine--available cheaply everywhere). You mix together and make a paste, which can be packed into deep wounds and gouges. Some people refer to it as "sugardine."
Not everyone knows that sugar alone has been used for hundreds of years as an effective gunshot wound treatment. The high osmotic gradient it promotes attracts and traps bacteria--and animal cells are better able to withstand high osmotic conditions than bacterial cells. The addition of the povidone iodine makes it even more effective.
There are countless stories of near miraculous saves of horses with bad wounds that wouldn't heal, using this paste. I've used it to great effect on myself and on my dogs--sometimes with deep canine puncture wounds.
Ideally, it should be packed in and covered, and rinsed out and replaced everyday. But any application, under any circumstances, is a lot better than nothing. Granulated (or powdered) sugar and lots of povidone iodine are very valuable additions to prepper medical stores, in my opinion.
Here are a few medical journal articles on the topic:  
And here's a very practical video on using sugardine, from a veterinarian.
Stay Prepared! - Steve N."

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Field Dressing Small Game

After you snare your game,  you have to dress it and prepare it for cooking.

It's really simple.

*On a side note, be careful to cook your game thoroughly.  Parasites are nasty little things that will transfer from game to the carnivore in uncooked meat.  Generally small game taken between the first frost and the last frost of the season is safer to eat than if taken in the middle of August.

All things being equal, if cooking game in the wild, make sure it's very well done, and eliminate the possibility of parasite transfer all together.

A good indication of disease or parasites in small game is a spotted liver.

Below is a great little video on cleaning that rabbit you just trapped.

*Second side note when it comes to rabbits:  They don't have enough fat in their meat.  If your diet consisted only of rabbit and nothing else you would eventually die of protein poisoning.  Some people say you can help combat that by eating the rabbit brain and eyeballs.

The human body needs a balanced diet of protein, fats and carbs.  Like a three legged stool, without any of those, the machine will break down.

*Animals that provide fatty meats:  Beavers, turtles, porcupines, fish, bear and edible insects.  Edible insects are almost 100% fat.  So if you have rabbit on the menu, make sure you supplement it with a fatty side dish.


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Snare your way to a full belly

Here's a great little video from on setting up a snare along a game trail. 

When teaching wilderness survival we suggest approaching food procurement with this thought in mind:  You should have a survival firearm for hunting game (and personal protection), but don't rely solely on your hunting skills, or you will starve.  One must be able to trap / snare game.

Think about it:  You can set 12 traps up, that are quiet and ready to catch game for you, 24/7.  They won't get tired and fall asleep and they won't get discouraged and quit.  While you are sheltered up or purifying water, your traps are still working hard to catch any game that might happen by. 

So while you're trying to line up a good shot with your survival .22 on that squirrel, you might do it with less pressure if you know that you have the support of your own little work force of traps waiting to catch your next meal.

In the wild, it's about minimizing your effort while maximizing your gain.

Commercial snares are affordable enough to buy and are 10 times more fool proof than improvised versions.  You can find 24 small game snares shipped to your location for about $25.   

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