Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Art of the Rifle Blog

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Great Lake Survival isn't shy about advocating the use of firearms for outdoor survival, hunting, self defense or family recreation.  Proper marksmanship skills are about as American as baseball and hotdogs.  With proper safety, supervision, and basics; practicing marksmanship can be fun for the family.

The Art of the Rifle is great place to start is learning how to be a marksman, "by the numbers" . . . . or learn to become a better marksman than you were before.

Having been hunting from a young age, I thought I was a pretty good shot, until I was taken aside and shown a thing or two by credentialed mentor.  It was the first time I had ever heard about "Natural Point of Aim" . . . What's that? :)  

Anyway, with a lot of practice, being taught how to shoot "by the numbers" turned me into a better marksman.  One thing I really took away from that instruction was that being a marksman required me to practice those skills, otherwise I'd lose them.   

I find personally, that life, work and responsibilities get in the way of proper marksmanship practice sometimes.  If you're like us though, you think that having our marksmanship skills "polished" is a responsibility as well.  It's a responsibility to the family protector, to the ethical hunter and to anyone concerned about firearm safety.  What better way to be safe when shooting than to make sure your bullet only goes where you want it to? 

Like anything in life, practice helps one stay sharp. 

Art of the Rifle is great place to sharpen up your skills before heading out to the range.

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