Sunday, September 16, 2012

The .22 Survival Pistol


Everybody has one of these tucked in a waterproof container inside their ruck sack right?

For what it weighs, the match grade .22 pistol can mean a great deal to the stranded survivor who is either trying to be found, or escape and evade.  From taking wild game to quietly defending one’s life, for the return on investment you cannot beat a match grade .22 pistol.

Major benefits of the .22 Survival Pistol


  1. 150 rounds of .22LR ammo weighs very little
  2. Generally quiet report when rounds are fired compared to larger caliber handguns
  3. Pretty decent accuracy with match grade sights / trigger out to 60 yards
  4. Ability to take up to deer size game with proper shot placement
  5. Highly concealable and easy to keep waterproof for long term storage in a ruck
It’s generally accepted that being able to shoot golf balls at 25 meters is a pretty good standard for accuracy.  If you can hit a golf ball with your .22 pistol 9 out of 10 times at that range, you’re doing well.

Match grade iron sights work well, but optics give one a better chance to hit what they’re aiming at.  A note though, . . . if you do have optics on your survival pistol, make sure you have quick release levers in case your scope gets “boogered” and goes “tits up”.

Browning, Smith & Wesson and Ruger make the most recognized match grade .22 pistols.  They are all easy to customize with optics, lights, ammo and grips.

As far as ammo goes, your “survival pistol” can eat all sorts of specialized .22 LR rounds.

We recommend you try different types of .22 rounds as long as they are specifically made for your firearm, and see how they perform for you.

One last note, a day at the range with the .22 pistol can be fun for you, your spouse and your young adult.  Ammo costs next to nothing, and learning to shoot builds confidence in one’s person.

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The Great Lake Survival Team

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