Thursday, April 25, 2013

Defensive Training Group - The Buddy Team

Hats off to DTG for an excellent post on the basic building block for multiplying your chances of survival . . . with the Buddy Team.

Two brains are better than one, especially in a FUBAR situation.

Basic Building Block: The Buddy Team

Nearly everyone has an idea about what a ‘Buddy Team’ should be, but not many people can actually articulate their expectations. That’s the point of this post: To provide you with some basic essentials of what the ‘Buddy Team’ is and what you can expect of your ‘Buddy’. You can, and should, build Buddy Teams in your family as well as the rest of your tribe. Working in pairs increases probability of survival significantly.

Your buddy is just as important as your rifle, your knife, or your fire making device to your survival! Without your buddy, your chances of survival are diminished by such a large percentage that you must face the fact that you have very little chance to survive a hostile encounter in a SHTF scenario, short of Devine intervention.

So then, what is your responsibility as a ‘Buddy’? Here are some good guidelines:

o Always watch your buddy’s back because he’s watching yours!
o Never take more from your buddy than you can give (supplies, time, support, etc).
o Know that your buddy is your best friend, even if he’s jumping your ass to get you to learn something new or do something better!
o Never lie to your buddy (lie to anyone outside your tribe all you want, but never to your buddy)!
o Never leave your buddy behind unless he’s dead.
o Never betray your buddy – Loyalty that can be bought is despicable!
o Learn his rifle as well as you know your own if his is different.
o Learn where everything is on his harness and make him learn where everything is on yours, especially those things that will keep him alive!
o Get to know him! This means outside of training: Trust is built this way!
o Be ready to listen to him when he’s got a problem.
o Be honest with him about your own weaknesses and strengths. You can’t build your team on bullshit.
o Take the calculated risk to build trust with each other. NOW! Yeah, it’s hard when you first get to know each other, but you’ve got a pair of balls, right?
o If your Buddy has more experience than you, admit it to yourself and listen to him!
o Always give your best to and for your buddy-no exceptions!
o Be a friend, because he could be the only one you’ve got when the SHTF!

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