Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Snare your way to a full belly

Here's a great little video from youtube.com on setting up a snare along a game trail. 

When teaching wilderness survival we suggest approaching food procurement with this thought in mind:  You should have a survival firearm for hunting game (and personal protection), but don't rely solely on your hunting skills, or you will starve.  One must be able to trap / snare game.

Think about it:  You can set 12 traps up, that are quiet and ready to catch game for you, 24/7.  They won't get tired and fall asleep and they won't get discouraged and quit.  While you are sheltered up or purifying water, your traps are still working hard to catch any game that might happen by. 

So while you're trying to line up a good shot with your survival .22 on that squirrel, you might do it with less pressure if you know that you have the support of your own little work force of traps waiting to catch your next meal.

In the wild, it's about minimizing your effort while maximizing your gain.

Commercial snares are affordable enough to buy and are 10 times more fool proof than improvised versions.  You can find 24 small game snares shipped to your location for about $25.   

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