Friday, December 7, 2012

Transcending Fear

Transcending Fear
Author: Brian Germain

This isn't a formal book review.  More so, it's just a gentle nudge in the direction of a good read.  Brian is a World Champion skydiver, test pilot and psychologist.  He offers a unique and personalized perspective on the phenomenon of fear.

As this relates to "survival" in any situation, whether it be wilderness, self-defense, or any other FUBAR situation, "we" need to learn to continue functioning in the presence of fear.

Brian does a great job explaining how our perception of fear actually shuts down parts of our brain that let us think creatively to solve problems when under stress.  So in a sense, high stress situations tend to make our brain stupid, we lose fine motor skills, etc.

We don't have to start shutting down like that though.  And simply saying the phrase "no fear", will not help you prepare one for a high stress situation.  The reality is that we must face our fears, and do it continually.

We can have all the survival gear, the best outdoor boots, the best custom bushcraft knife, bug out bags, and the say all the catch phrases, but unless we train our minds to react positively to whatever it is that scares us, we haven't properly prepared ourselves for unexpected events.

We must learn to "flow" in bad situations, understanding that the only important thing, is the next step to take to correct whatever issue we are facing.

We believe that this book takes an honest look at facing fear head on.

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