Monday, April 30, 2012

The Theme is Freedom

Survival of American Liberty is essential to any hope that our country has at returning to greatness.  With new legislation introduced daily, that expands government and regulates every aspect of daily life, it is clear that the average American needs to examine exactly what it means to be Free, and what it means to be an American.   

To understand “where” America needs to get to, we need to understand the correct history of where America came from, what principles it was built upon, and how those facts greatly differ from the liberal view of American history that we are so accustomed to hearing and reading every day.

I was turned on to this book recently.  Below is a link to a free study guide and “cliff notes”, if you will.  Get the book, you can buy it on and get it shipped right to your door, for about $10 to $15.

The author of this book defines clearly that competition (something that gave this country the ability to make advances in every field of work above all other nations) is being destroyed through regulation.  Our country is clearly spending more than we’ll ever be able to pay off.  For the first time, new generations will not be able to expect to earn a standard of living better than their parents.

It no longer is about Republican or Democrats.  It’s about defining the major problem in this country.  I highly recommend looking into this read.

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- GLSC Team

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