Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Level 1 Survival Kit - Re-visited

The Level 1 Kit pictured serves as a primer for setting up your survival kit the way you want it.
We love the idea of having consolidated and compartmentalized kit organization.  The level 1 kit below, is right there on the knife! 
Of course this kit is not complete.  There are some pocket items that you would want to have, such as a compact water purifier, compass, 4 mil plastic sheet, etc.  However, it is set up in a way that you could meet immediate wilderness survival needs. 
With a figure 4 para cord lace pattern, it's very easy to attach a Molle type pouch to your favorite knife sheath and have almost all your level 1 survival items right on your knife.
Here we show an Ek Model 5 Bowie.  You can see the sheath has had a snap added to the Velcro closure.  (Just a little extra insurance against losing one of my favorite survival knives.)

In a normal Molle pistol pouch, we were able to add a fire steel and scraper, fishing line, fishing hooks, cotton balls with Vaseline as tinder, water purification tabs, and a miniature leather hone for sharpening.

This post is just food for thought.  Really the para cord lacing on the sheath makes this all possible.  I'm sure there's a million and one ways to add a utility pouch to your knife sheath, this is just one.

It sure is easy to grab one knife, strap it on the belt and have a way to get food, build fire, and construct shelter, all in one package.

Providing some more food for thought,

Thanks for reading,

- The Great Lake Survival Team

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